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The quest for the Java Portal – JBoss Portal 2.6

JBoss Portal version 2.6 is still alpha, but I tryed it (since it claims to have a better user experience). I've downloaded its binary version - a JBoss' SAR archive. Out-of-box installation was a matter of copy datasource definition and the SAR file to my deploy folder.

It has the same limitations as 2.4:

  • Delete the management portlet and your layout is locked;
  • You can delete ALL users and have a nice NPE;
  • The layout arrangement is not inline (needs the management portlet).

But, as I expected, it is pretty light. Unlink Liferay, the startup was really quick. If it was more AJAX-aware, JBoss Portal could be my portal of choice. Well, according to Grog, beta 1 will be released soon. I'm downloading a nightly build and I'll try it again.

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  1. Hi Eduardo,

    Glad to see that you’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with Liferay. We’re always welcoming feedback.

    Have you tried using Liferay Professional? It uses the same codebase, but leverages the Spring framework to work independent of an app server, meaning you can run Liferay Portal out-of-the-box strictly on a servlet container like Tomcat simply by changing a property file. On my laptop, I can startup Liferay in under 15 seconds.

    And did I mention Liferay supports AJAX portlets? ;)

    Anyways, best of luck on your “search”. Keep an eye out for a RC version of 4.3!

    Brian Kim
    Liferay, Inc

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