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The quest for the Java Portal – JBoss Portal

Today mission: JBoss Portal. My first impression: negative. I've tryed its live demo and, after two minutes, I render it useless. How? Follow the steps:

  1. Login as admin/admin
  2. Go to the admin page
  3. Remove the administration portlet

What you got? A portal with a layout that can't be changed... That's typical from JBoss community: they create a simple kernel and everything is extension. JBoss Application Server is a microkernel that manages JMX beans. Everything else is JMX. Likewise, JBoss Portal is just a portlet container. You need that ugly and unintuitive manager (as ugly and unintuitive as AS managers) to manage everything.

BTW, that management portlet does a lot of roundtrips to the server (yep, no AJAX). If you plan to use it on your server, create a page that contains only the manager portlet.

JBoss Portal 2.4 is off my list. I will try 2.6alpha2.

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  1. You might want to wait a few days for Beta 1. I’ve had more luck with that branch.

  2. Nice… I’m trying alpha 2, but with no luck… I hope most of the “impressive” changes are in beta 1. I’ll try the nightly build today.

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