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File attributes on layer.xml

When registering files on NBM's layer file, you can define attributes, too:

<file name="my-pkg-MyClass.instance">
  <attr name="mystr" stringvalue="value"/>
  <attr name="myint" intvalue="1"/>
  <attr name="mymethod"

They are avaliable as attributes of FileObject (through getAttribute). You can also use special attributes "instanceClass" to define a different class to instantiate or "instanceCreate" to define a factory method. This factory method can receive a map of attributes. I'm using it to customize a generic DataLoader:

public class MyLoader extends MultiDataLoader {
  private MyDataLoader(String secondaryExt) {
    this.secondaryExt = secondaryExt;
  public static build(Map<String, Object> attrs) {
    return new MyLoader(attrs.get("ext").toString());

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