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NB-managed JDBC connections

If you are developing a NetBeans-based module or application and need a database connection, you can use "Database Explorer API" to manage them for you. Geertjan has the recipe, but there are two catchs:

  1. DatabaseConnection.getJDBCConnection(true) must NOT be called on EDT;
  2. ConnectionManager.showConnectionDialog MUST be called on EDT.

So, if you want to do something like this:

DatabaseConnection dbc = ConnectionManager
Connection conn = dbc.getJDBCConnection(true);

You must call line 4 on EDT and line 6 on a RequestProcessor or similar. I had to deal with these scenarios:

  1. Populate a JComboBox on a button's click event: I created a RP with the sixth line plus statements and result sets - first and forth line are called by Swing on EDT;
  2. Populate an asynchronous ChildFactory: my code is called on CF's refresh thread. I had to encapsulate showConnectionFactory on EDT using SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait, without using RP for line 6.

It's strange at first, but works nice (way better than developing my own database connection management).

BTW, if you call DatabaseConnection.getJDBCConnection on EDT you receive an useful warning, but you will suffer if you forget to call ConnectionManager.showConnectionDialog on EDT (no cool warnings to help you). I filled a request for adding this warning in bug 188741.

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