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In August, 1st, 2008, I accepted Danc's challenge to create a game named CuteGod. In October, 1st, 2008, I finished the first stage, by publishing a playable version.

Avaliable version (v. 1.0.0, released October, 1st, 2008):

  • Java Desktop
    Click and play
  • Java Tiny Desktop
    Click and play
  • Java Applet
    Play on your Internet browser
  • Java Tiny Applet
    Play on your Internet browser
  • Mobile - use this link to play on your cell phone (or PDA):


    If your mobile device does not support XHTML, use this direct link:


Both Desktop e Applet version requires an installed Java™ Runtime Environment (click here to install). "Tiny" versions are the same as "normal" version, with smaller images, if you don't have a fast Internet connection (or if your computer isn't fast enough). Mobile version requires a JavaME compatible device.

Game instructions:

  • Look for a "prayer" and click on him/her to "accept the pray". Move the blocks and make the pattern indicated by the pray. When finished, move the prayer to the build terrain. Your object is to fulfill all prayers' desires.
  • You can move items (blocks and prayers) with the mouse, by pressing the button and dragging to the target.
  • You can also move items with the keyboard. Just select the item with arrow keys, and press "space" or "enter" to select and to deploy on target.
  • You start with an ammount of points. When you satisfy a prayer, you win more points. Each time you move a block, you lose a point. When you lose all your points, it is game over.
  • Each difficulty level changes the initial points, how many points you receive and the size of the prays.
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